Who’s America… The fight for unity..

Did you know that the statue of liberty was a gift to blacks after slavery. Given to them from France in recognition of their freedom. During the commission of the statue the Africa features were changed to European features as they did not want to embolden the blacks against whites. When and how did it become a symbol of white hope and white freedom?? More gentrification and misappropriation of black history, culture and heritage.. why is it that everything created by or for blacks needs to be confiscated or distorted by their white counterparts?

As we begin to see the true scope of white supremacy in America and the depth of its operations within the system of democracy. The extreme proliferation of black disenfranchisement across America as options for blacks become fewer and fewer. A country built by slaves who receive retribution rather than recognition for laying the foundation of this country. Imagine the feeling of building a home with your hands only for that home to be occupied by people who had no hand in creating it.

Having people who put in place ideological thoughts as laws skewed in favor of them and not the true builders of America. As we grow from our ignorance we must ask, as a whole what has Caucasian society contributed to America that other cultures have not? What makes them superior? Is it the ability to murder? Is it the implication of unjust laws? Is it the horrible scourge of racism?

Our democracy is a glorious one but it is hindered by an ideological trap meant to capture the conscience of who we are while amplyfing the remnants of our characters which shines through as color and culture. This trap is capitalism. As white privilege becomes a hot topic we begin to see that our democracy isn’t the problem. The problem is capitalism. For someone has to be the resource and someone else must be the miner of that resource

Who capitalized from slavery, mass incarceration, judicial tyranny and financial inequality? We know the answers. Our democracy is intertwined with capitalism but it can survive without it. Civilization was built on trade not capitalism. Though capitalizing was a by product of trade, but once it became a way of life people, cultures and heritages were destroyed. As Americans we are at a crossroads. We must choose between community and individualism, between inclusion and divisiveness. As the ideology of racism attempts to hold America back from its ultimate goal. Attempting to embroil America into a meaningless civil war that will benefit no one but the poor and disenfranchised as after that war all will be, but why would we want to find equality in our pain rather than in our joy?

We must choose and this choice is not for the faint of heart. There is still hope for America if we choose to approach our situation with the resolve of those men who drafted America’s Constitution not in white rule but in equal law, equal justice. The first step is repairing the shattered dreams of those men and women disenfranchised in and by they very country they’ve built.

time to really free the slaves. It’s time we dismantle this modern day plantation. It’s time to end corruption. It’s time to choose common goal of country over ideological selfishness.