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Blue Wave or Red Wall? An America divided..

Today America heads to the polls to cast a vote for a political figure who has run a fairly decent campaign, but are doubted as to their abilities to affect change in the area’s they are running in. The future of America rests on this day. Inspired by this historical day i decided to present

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The hidden 4 years…and the trouble ahead

The reality of presidential terms are the fact that every first term of a newly elected president is actually the final works of the former president. Like the withdrawal from a drug the reality of the presidents current actions are not apparent until his second term or the next presidents term.. For example Bill clinton

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A world of shame

America the great becon of hope and inspiration…. how did we ever sell those tickets?? A country built on the blood of peaceful natives.. A land where excess and greed is glorified and poverty is seen as an undesired blight caused by ones own actions not systemic gentrification. Homelessness the unfortunate scourge plauging the have

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