R.T.Angel june events

june 4th

skillful lyricist R.T.Angel will be performing at the square roots Artist showcase. Located at 1200 Callowhill st. Philadelphia pa. 19139 doors open 8pm $5 dollar cover fee

June 7-8th

Join 4noats ent. Artist Robert Benson as he exhibits his art and photography to the world for the first time at the emoji art show. $35 entry fee held in the ivben Studios located at 3239 amber st. Philadelphia, pa.

Alive Forever

Dedicated to the Jahseh Onfroy…

Most artist make music to inspire. No matter the objective music was meant to inspire towards that outcome. X’s music inspired peace just as much as it did aggression… No one is perfect… So the stones they throw will only build a monument to a young king

Listen to XXXtentacion feat. R.T.Angel by R.T.Angel #np on #SoundCloud

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The weekend means New Music

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Blue Wave or Red Wall? An America divided..

Today America heads to the polls to cast a vote for a political figure who has run a fairly decent campaign, but are doubted as to their abilities to affect change in the area’s they are running in. The future of America rests on this day. Inspired by this historical day i decided to present my digital photo-graphical work entitled “American ideals”.

Being a boss

As the 4noats franchise grows i reflect on its humble beginnings.

It started from the music… yes the art of expression fueled the creativeness of my idea. R.T.Angel music

As i developed so did my desire to create more art from my perspective and so i began to pursue photography R.M.Benson photography

After recieving high praise for my digital footprint and great eye i still yearned for more ways to express what was bottled up in me. So i wrote two books (available on my site)

I recieved my books and i was so excited, but the fire wasn’t quenched. I still needed more… i still needed to release these years of pent up emotions.. my new idea was to bring all my digital works to reality and so i began to bring them to life. My music was the first step, my book was the second and now my photography has emerged museum of finesse

It has taken alot for me to produce this work… theres more to come so stay tuned…☺☺☺☺

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