Be spectacular

I do not think a persons goal in life is to just be good at anything. The realization of success is affirmed when one knows they are great, but being spectacular has its own comfort zone. We are all the same yet we are different. It is in those differences we find our spectacular selves. If i could wish one thing it would be that everyone for one month were allowed to actually see how spectacular they are. For more inspired art follow my gallery on INSTAGRAM @museum_of_finesse


original artwork created by R.M.Benson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native


Being a boss

As the 4noats franchise grows i reflect on its humble beginnings.

It started from the music… yes the art of expression fueled the creativeness of my idea. R.T.Angel music

As i developed so did my desire to create more art from my perspective and so i began to pursue photography R.M.Benson photography

After recieving high praise for my digital footprint and great eye i still yearned for more ways to express what was bottled up in me. So i wrote two books (available on my site)

I recieved my books and i was so excited, but the fire wasn’t quenched. I still needed more… i still needed to release these years of pent up emotions.. my new idea was to bring all my digital works to reality and so i began to bring them to life. My music was the first step, my book was the second and now my photography has emerged museum of finesse

It has taken alot for me to produce this work… theres more to come so stay tuned…☺☺☺☺

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