Philadelphia artist Robert M. Benson

In an attempt to forge his own name and lane in an ever changing landscape of artists and artistic innovations Robert Benson looks to be first.

Mixing vintage fine art with modern design techniques. Capturing and modernizing the feeling of history. Robert M. Benson’s latest works merges black artist with white artist in an attempt to show the beauty of both worlds

Aptly titled BENSONIAN ART. Robert M. Benson loves to push the envelope. His desire to be the first to innovate and evolve art fuels his passion. His digital prints have awed art lovers.

Robert M. Benson is emerging to be one of the best kept secrets in Philadelphias urban art scene. To see his works explore

Branching off into various lanes of artistic expression. Robert M. Benson is also owner/operator and designer of By Clothing (Be Yourself). Truly one of Philadelphia’s talented children.

Alive Forever

Dedicated to the Jahseh Onfroy…

Most artist make music to inspire. No matter the objective music was meant to inspire towards that outcome. X’s music inspired peace just as much as it did aggression… No one is perfect… So the stones they throw will only build a monument to a young king

Listen to XXXtentacion feat. R.T.Angel by R.T.Angel #np on #SoundCloud

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Hidden Gems

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Blue Wave or Red Wall? An America divided..

Today America heads to the polls to cast a vote for a political figure who has run a fairly decent campaign, but are doubted as to their abilities to affect change in the area’s they are running in. The future of America rests on this day. Inspired by this historical day i decided to present my digital photo-graphical work entitled “American ideals”.


Art is an appreciation of beauty  It is derived from our own perceptive understanding and idea of it. Our ability to express ourselves comes from our love of life and all things around us. It is love that allows us to produce our inner most feelings from beyond our imagination into reality. Indeed LOVE IS ART. Follow us on INSTAGRAM at the MUSEUM_OF_FINESSE



Being a boss

As the 4noats franchise grows i reflect on its humble beginnings.

It started from the music… yes the art of expression fueled the creativeness of my idea. R.T.Angel music

As i developed so did my desire to create more art from my perspective and so i began to pursue photography R.M.Benson photography

After recieving high praise for my digital footprint and great eye i still yearned for more ways to express what was bottled up in me. So i wrote two books (available on my site)

I recieved my books and i was so excited, but the fire wasn’t quenched. I still needed more… i still needed to release these years of pent up emotions.. my new idea was to bring all my digital works to reality and so i began to bring them to life. My music was the first step, my book was the second and now my photography has emerged museum of finesse

It has taken alot for me to produce this work… theres more to come so stay tuned…☺☺☺☺

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The hidden 4 years…and the trouble ahead

The reality of presidential terms are the fact that every first term of a newly elected president is actually the final works of the former president. Like the withdrawal from a drug the reality of the presidents current actions are not apparent until his second term or the next presidents term.. For example Bill clinton balanced the budget and George w. Bushs first year went smooth, but in his second term he almost collapsed the country. Barack Obamas first year was tumultuous due to Bush’s recklessness but Obama managed to get everything under control allowing for Donald Trump to have a stable first term, but what will Donald Trumps actions bring about?

For those who are excited about being president after Donald Trump i say curb your enthusiasm, because you may inherit the collapse of the great american experiment. History has shown us that the republicans break the bank and the Democrats attempt to fix it. As the national debt soars under trump to 21 trillion, as trump exports americas emergency oil reserves the options for future financial stability and a balanced budget are becoming an imaginary fantasy instead of an attainable reality

The future of america is now at stake as the corrupt kings of corporations now have control of the american government. As the battle between money and morality reaches its peak we face an existential crisis. Do we as americans allow capitalism to run so rampant that human life is of no consequences? As we see more mass shootings, children taken from immigrant parents fleeing from death, puerto rican death numbers from hurricane maria watered down, police involved murders. All these things being ignored to protect the advancement of capitalism and protect the image of money and those who have it.

Or…do we humble ourselves in the face of an uncertain future? Do we retract from the world and begin to focus on america and the messege we send to other nations in regards to what we desire from the world, because in the end america holds the world within her borders. With UNITY the american people can guide and create the world as they see fit. The hate and division keeps america from recognizing its true purpose and potential. With love, understanding and wisdom america could make the world see a reality only dreamed by those who seek freedom. The future is coming don’t get distracted from preparing for it.

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