The Ethnic Cleansing of Angels

By Robert M. Benson

I was going to rip into the democrats but I guess I will wait until next week. Dear democrats you are on notice but today I ran across this Sandra bland discovery that we all knew she was recording but to what extent we didn’t know.

There it is right before the black community lays the body of an unarmed black woman by the name of Sandra bland. Who was lynched in Waller county jail, in Hempstead TX. A prison run and owned by the city of Hempstead TX. run and operated under Texas state law. State law that is under United States federal jurisdiction, Jurisdiction that is under the universal declaration of human rights. Which is backed by the United Nations and the international criminal court. So someone explain to me why global world law doesn’t apply to descendants of slaves living in America. When the atrocities happened in Africa and Iraq dictators where held accountable. A world war was fought to stop in Germany the state sanctioned murder of Jews so why isn’t anything being said or done about the descendants of slaves in america..

The worst part of this is that there were grown people who saw this video and said and did nothing. Why would Bland a black activist kill herself? In 2016 the F.B.I made a report on white nationalist, kkk members and other fringe groups infiltrating the police. As we see with our own eyes the horrible racism attributed to law enforcement. Now we see the full nature of the beast, which is America!!! The death chambers of Nazi Germany are operating on American soil. So this must have been a Nazi scheme since the occupation began. The Jews of America. The truth of whom we are…

How is Sandra Bland’s death not a crime against humanity? How does America rectify the murders of Stephon Clark, Philando Castile, and Oscar Grant? all these new revelations that were old revelations they decided to put out now in hopes to stoke violence and or riots. You cannot use the law to murder someone especially because they are of an ethnic race and on top of that you ethnic cleansed a woman.

How could any self-respecting Jewish person dare speak of holocaust or Nazi Germany? This is the most horrible thing I could ever think of… that poor woman amidst a bunch of racist burning a cross and lynching her. But still no one listens as the Russians funded the rise of the Nazi’s in America through the NRA. Spreading the racist culture to gun toting police. Spreading those police and gun members around America in black and brown neighbor hoods like crack cocaine it the 1980s. Sound familiar, yes Oliver North the very guy that spread the pharmaceutical death through the neighborhoods in the 1980s has just stepped down last week as head of the NRA.

North has spread physical death in the black community in the form of racism and hate. Its pure white supremacy.I am at a loss for words that on earth such an injustice would occur. This is the end result of conservative communism (otherwise known as the reds). They waited until America was asleep and they socked us a good one. Now trump is burning down the halls of justice, dismantling national protections, rescinding civil rights and advocating violence. How much more do people need to see that if they let things like this stand the fear will set in and if it does petrified people make the worst soldiers.This has been a divide and destroy tactic used against so called Native Americans and now the mechanized fight between the south and the north looks set to begin. Confederates and federalist squeezing the life out of the idea of democracy. To rule in a Unitarian utopia made for only one man. The greatest of them all the GRAND DRAGON OF THE INVISIBLE ARMY aka the klu klux klan.

For fear of exposing there plan to the world they tried to kill off the freedom fighters in an attempt to stop the recording of their deeds. Distracting their minds as not to focus on the army coming in the back door. Wolves I tell you. There is none you can trust you can only trust your selves!! They are demon! they are all around! heaven is America and the gates have been breached war is inevitable fight for honor not slavery. If you lose fear your future.

The elephant in the room

by Robert M Benson

“the ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet recieved a kingdom but recieve power as kings one hour will with the beast”
rev 17:12

After the inauguration of Donald trump the United States saw a series of transportation disasters as the newly appointed secretary of transportation (Mitch McConnell’s wife) rushed to clean up the mess. The federal govt. under Donald trump issued federal emergency money to address the crumbling infrastructure. This was the last time we saw Mitch McConnell speak in praise of Donald trump. Since then there has been a resounding silence from the Republican Party, but why? Why have all the republicans gone missing in the face of this political turmoil?


It began with the tea party a young uprising of splinter groups who had nothing much in common but a lifestyle of exclusion, an ideology of separation and the color of their skin. As they pushed back against what they saw as governmental overreach and foreign influence.

Other extreme far right groups with different agenda’s latched on to the fiscal conservative movement bring an underlying racist ting to the tea party ultimately infecting the Republican Party with an underlying culture of racism. Which is why certain people are receptive to the dog whistles because they have been groomed to hear them. Like agent smith in the matrix the tea party turned the Republican Party into the new tea party.

The transformation wasn’t hard. Since the days of democratic republican George Wallace the republican message was always division. Totally against government. Against any idea of social programs to help those in poverty and totally against immigration. Which is why the republicans labeled Obama as a communist and a socialist. But the true reason they oppose Obama was he symbolized what they fought so hard to stop. The Republican Party is based on separatism so you can see why they have nothing to say these days, because they are right at home as long as America Is divided the goals of the Republican Party are being achieved. Obama was a symbol of progression inclusion. When he spoke to the Arab world the republicans saw it as foreign influence. Which is why the republicans allowed Netanyahu to come to congress it was in that moment republicans took the money. We must remember the underlying culture of separatism and racism within the party. The john McCain Sarah Palin ticket is a glaring example of polished republican politics vs. authentic so-called real world tea party politics. The youth of the tea party won out john Boehner lost to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell used Ryan as a tool until Ryan had to retire. Why? Where is Paul Ryan? Trump and Ryan didn’t see eye to eye but Ryan was the face of the future of the Republican Party. What happened was McConnell saw an opportunity to get America and he would use trump to do it. Immediately when trump won the nomination! Yes he won the nomination because the republican senate all agreed unanimously on the direction of the party. Testing their future strategy they put up awful candidates to soften the fact trump would be the face of the party, but they began winning.

Bannons picks for office were winning so much they took a leap of faith they put up an accused pedophile Roy Moore for office. Appealing to the fringe side of the tea party the racists who had more money than the middle class republicans. After the axe of Paul Ryan middle class conservatives had no guide. In comes bannon to mold and shape the message of the party to sway middle road republicans and solidify the union between the tea party confederates and the corporate white nationalist federation. After the election bannon was given the boot as trump disrespected the laid-back dress style of bannon and the confederates as bad dressers.

The clean-cut suit wearing or button down khaki federation needed to be separate from the rugged and rough tea party confederates, those who wear the hat. As the federation secures lucrative contracts for the confederate tea party keeping them employed with private contracts across the country

the federation would use its access to all things government to overturn Obama era environmental protections and bank regulations.
The federation keeps its base by rallies and financial contracts to loyalist communities, but the federation isn’t what it seems the federation is funded by Russia, Israel, Italy and a few other countries, but mainly Russia, Israel, and Italy because American power poses a threat to their agendas. The over all goal is to spin America into chaos in hopes to deploy united nations soldiers on American soil as Russia and china sit on the un security counsel as permanent members. With America in turmoil communist Russia and communist china will be the most powerful countries on the planet. Using everything democracy created to spread itself against itself. My conclusion is that America is not only under attack it has been sacked and not until the next election will America see the scope of the bloodless coup. The up coming elections are a farce trump has the country and on election day what everyone feared the most will be realized. Both elections were stolen. The first election was to steal American resources and position countries friendly to trump in powerful positions for after his presidency. The second election will be to cause genocide under the guise of civil war that will cover up the crimes and treasonous acts committed in the first four years. To me it seems to be a cliché to say resist, but it seems at this point it is a must. The silence of the Republican Party should strike fear in the hearts of all American citizens. Morality is the measuring sticks by which all civilizations are measured and the utter destruction of American values and morality is on full display in this Republican Party and Republican administration



Where did you learn to LOVE

By R.M.Benson

I’ve loved many women. When i did some dudes would play you and call you a sucker.. I didn’t care i just kept loving.. come to find out the very women i was loving let those same dudes in their ear and began looking at me like a sucker for loving them too. like wtf? how stupid and backwards is that? Then they push you to the side for the fraud nigga that clowned you for loving her. Then when he plays them they always tried to hit me back up. When i was younger i cared so i would fall back into it just to be hurt all over again, but im older now learned enough to not fall back in the dumb shit by immature people…

Jordan Peele was correct we are our own worst enemies. How could you turn on someone loyal to you for your enemy.. wtf these hoes are backwards.. in the 90’s if you got caught cheating you were stuck with the one you got caught with. ya’ll chicks ain’t special stay wit that dude… oh you can’t because he ain’t loyal except to himself. Everything happens for a reason, but this is what happens when your community revolves around sex and money you get no substance. You only get instant gratification and afterwards you end up back in that sunken place. Now everybody wanna be mad at you cause you ain’t feed into that dumbness… So be careful out here boys and girls its devils and demons everywhere willing and ready to trick you out of your love, trust, blessings and future…
Beware of negativity and learn to cultivate your perception because love is different for everyone.
stay blessed and if i can say anything its just live your life as if s never wsnted it at all. I’ve learned looking for it will get you into trouble…RS


By Jesus Christ and R.M.Benson

Who are the original Jews? The Jews currently assaulting the world are jew-ish not necessarily Jews. It began in Germany when the people where forced to take a side in a religious dispute. These people decided to become Jews. Neither for nor against either opposing party. Well at the time this land was called khazaria. Yes the Jews of Israel today are the khazars of Europe. Because of the Levant they are able to claim heritage but only on a technicality. As Germany got older a man came into power by the name of Adolf Hitler his agenda was the same agenda as the leaders before him and that was to eliminate all adversaries to the total reign of that party, but what began as ethnic cleansing became a strategic attempt to control the globe. During the Second World War England agreed with the Jews that if America entered the war England would give the Jews Palestine (a place that was not legally theirs to give away) eventually America entered the war and all the rest was history.

Here’s what bothers me. In todays Israeli government they have a security service called the Israeli secret intelligence service (i.s.i.s) or the mossad. yes it shocked me too, but whats more shocking is the motto of the i.s.i.s (to war through deception). In my opinion they war through deception because if the world knew their agenda they would never go along with it. The sole premise of this agency is to foment disturbances throughout the world and capitalize off of the divisions of others while supplying both sides. Through out history the Jewish European khazars story has become one of deception and horror. Now this agency has gone unchecked for almost a century they have become exceptional at deceiving the world. As Netanyahu receives his 5th term as PM of Israel amidst corruption allegations and human rights violations the game of deception still lives on in Israel. As Israel has it’s hands in every country and on every continent fomenting dissension and death. As America reels from a president with plans beyond America, One has to ask, how? How did trump get elected?
It began immediately after Benghazi. The only person that could remove Muammar al Gaddafi was an African American. In comes barrack Obama and out goes Gaddafi, after the fall of Libya things began to change for Obama and Sec. Hillary Clinton. Then general Flynn was fired. This whole plan began during Obamas last presidency. That’s when Netanyahu came to speak to congress a total affront to the democratic process of America. Amidst massive protest from democratic half of government and the nation Netanyahu gave his speech. It would behoove one to think that the actors had no knowledge, but no. remember the mossad make war through deception so those who you would assume had no knowledge had full knowledge. After Flynn’s firing Obama gave a correspondents dinner where he trashed trump it was then I knew that trump was going to be president. But what was it that got the ire of Obama I mean he was apart of the whole process to get Libya to bow to the international bankers. So what was the big deal? Well Obama found out that the Russians not only set up a broad network to advance trumps candidacy he knew the ultimate plan of the mossad not only for blacks in America, but for around the world.

Obama had a choice either you play ball or you face the wrath of the mossad. Knowing the plot Obama dangled Supreme Court justice garland in front of the American people another tactic by the mossad. Never having any intention of confirming garland to the post, because he knew that they needed the Supreme Court in order to carry out what the mossad have planned for America. Trump is then elected he moves the U.S. consulate to Jerusalem and recognizes it as the capital of Israel. This was necessary because as long as Jerusalem was the capital no one could claim the region but Israel but also trump and his minions could hold secret international meetings without certain protocols. This was the Kushner back channel. But what is this all about. It is about the establishment of communism in America and across the globe in hopes to rule over the one world government.

Through direction of Netanyahu Russia began to begin infiltrating American election servers. The republican party gave Netanyahu the game plan to give to Russia in order to get Donald trump elected once elected Israel would have no restraint on its reach around the world as the Jewish bankers began to focus in on n. Korea, Venezuela all while the mossad and American govt. began to focus on Iran. Pretending to attack Obama policies but those very policies were only delays to allow for strategic advancement of the Israeli plans. After appointing people loyal to him trump with help from republicans twist the cap on America consolidating total power keeping the truth bottled up along with the people of America. Recently Israel shot a satellite to the moon. Israel has reported it destroyed but knowing their motto they will use it to make war with the world to cause international incidents and blame them on other countries. In my opinion the Jewish state of Israel is the foremost threat to the survival of humanity on earth. Now of course we can say this is all speculation, but character, history and proof don’t lie. Below is a list of things Israel has done covertly warring to advance its one world order objectives.

• Ethel road and husband executed for spying on America 1953
• Attack on the u.s.s liberty in an attempt to force America into the Egyptian war (1993)
• ADL (anti-defamation leauge), and other Jewish organizations are caught in a massive spying campaign on citizens of in America (1993)
• Poland seeks extradition of Solomon Burrell (Jewish) for unimaginable war crimes during World War 2 ISRAEL REFUSES, HELPS HIM FLEE TO TEL AVIV AND DISMISSES CHARGES. Sighting the fact that Jews are above other races so they are unable to extradite to inferior cultures (1994)
• Netanyahu says once we squeeze what we can out of the United States it can dry up and blow away (1995)
• Deliberately shells a United Nations compound in south Lebanon killing over 100 citizens (1996)
• Jewish ecstasy ring busted in 2000, Jewish pedophile ring raping and murdering 2-5 yr. old children around the globe gets covered up and looked over because the Jewish Talmud says

its acceptable. (2000)
• Threatening the lives of U.S. Marines and systemic harassment. Then blew up American barracks killing 241 American and French citizens. (1983)
• Celebrated the fall of the world trade center Israeli agents came to America to see the fall of the towers… how did they know they towers would fall? 2001

If we are going to call out unethical behavior, immorality, crimes against humanity we cannot continue to allow Israel to persecute people under the auspicious of a victimized people. Using the created holocaust to infect the world with debauchery, crime, murder and rape. A racist culture bent on erasing the identity of every country by interbreeding global peoples while denying access to Judaism. So once the world becomes a melting pot only one govt. will be necessary. Also leaving the bloodline of the Jews as natives of earth as the other races cannot pin point the origins of who they are.

My question is why aren’t the Jews being held accountable for the utter disgusting behavior in regards to the people of earth. The theology of Judaism alone will keep the world at war and continue the divisionism between nations. As the world is controlled by the tentacles of a global terrorist society. Every citizen of Israel must serve in its military. As the Knesset continues its push to eradicate the Palestinians from Palestine the world watches on as no one intervenes for the powerless people who have become Israel’s stepping-stones. Indeed it may seem that this is all a conspiracy and to the layman an utter attack on Jewish society but I implore you to find the historical fact that refutes what I am stating. The author Otrovsky wrote books out on this topic and had his home burnt down because of it. He also had $45,000 left in money owed to him by one Rupert Murdoch. on behalf of the Jewish state of Israel Murdoch refused to pay him. Otrovsky complained and Murdoch said sue me, because Murdoch knew the Jews had a hold on law in most countries especially north America and abroad which is why when a sayanim called for his death on national Canadian television no lawyer in Canada would take the case. I am under the assumption that the Jewish lawyers dictate who will receive representation. As I have dealt with numerous Jewish lawyers that have an utter disgust with their clients but represent them because they are fiends for exchange. It isn’t money, it’s the idea of receiving that keeps the Jew motivated. cut off from the light now they must receive there blessing through illegal deceptive practices. This speaks to a lot of the log jam in the American legal system and civil rights. The Jews got next to the civil right movement in hopes to use the fluctuating rise and fall of the movement as a passive income bartering certain accommodations for currency ultimately hijacking the movement and dictating the direction of the civil rights movement into obscurity as mossad agents killed notable civil rights leaders and politicians. The murder of martin Luther king and john Kennedy was necessary to maintain control of a situation they fomented that was getting out of hand. The enemy of unity is definitely the Zionist of the world.

As we have seen the persecution of Ethiopian Jews who have total claim to Palestine and Israel. As they enslave African women who migrate to Israel to find work. Killing with no remorse.
Now that we know the scope of Israel’s disgusting practices what does the world do to stop the inhumane actions of Israel?
In my conclusion I feel that the Nazi holocaust was not a holocaust at all. It was a government plan agreed upon between rich Ashkenazi Jews and rich Germans to get the rich Jews a land and relieve the Germans and Ashkenazi Jews of the Sephardic Jews which, they felt gave them a bad name. what the Germans probably didn’t know was that like the history of the Jews have shown they were playing both sides.
• I point to the deliberate bombing of a Jewish pedestrian bus in 1978 claimed by Israel to have been Lebanon but after later research it was discovered that Israel had planned the invasion the whole time.
• I would also like to point to the deliberate over radiation of Sephardic Jewish children on the orders of David Ben-Gurion. Unbeknownst to the family as the children where taken on field trips and radiated with 3 times the dose of radiology. The Sephardic Jews were poor Jews of a lower class often described as niggers due to the poor low class they came from. Which is interesting because its probably were the Caucasian picked up the name from the Jewish slaveholders who stole the Israelites and sold them into slavery we must remember that the Jews owned 90% of all slave ships which mean they were active participants in slavery almost as much as Caucasians and arabs.

What could it be? All that I can see is that the crusades against the Muslims where set in motion to gain the land in Palestine. Finally after World War 2 the crusade to gain the Middle East was completed… under the auspices of Jewish suffering the crusades were victorious in achieving its goal. Now that the crusades are over I have come to see that the United States has a responsibility to maintain the conquered lands of the crusaders. Could it be that the Jews stole the Israelites and shipped them in to America in order to take their land? Could it be that the American govt. agreed to imprison the Israelites stripping them of their identity so that they will never find their way home? have so many questions. Like why do Jews claim anti-Semitism instead of saying racism? I think it’s a way for them to maintain racist policies against the Gentiles (what they call everyone else who isn’t Jews) while claiming victim to things created by thine own hands.

Alive Forever

Dedicated to the Jahseh Onfroy…

Most artist make music to inspire. No matter the objective music was meant to inspire towards that outcome. X’s music inspired peace just as much as it did aggression… No one is perfect… So the stones they throw will only build a monument to a young king

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