Today is thanksgiving in america. The day the native americans saved the caucasians from starvation and death. Centuries have passed since that act of compassion and love.

Nevertheless we find ourselves in new perilous conditions. The epidemics facing america will not be cured by a cornucopia basket of food and some blankets. Furthermore they will not be cured by betrayl and ethnic cleansing.

America is within the grips of epidemics from gun violence, heroin, corruption and immorality. These are definently grave times in this nation. are we truly thankful this holiday?


Some of us are distracted long enough to not notice the destruction. While others have grown numb to its existence. We have forgotten that all roads lead to one point. eventually all things come to that point. So we must ask was your journey worth it?

Hopefully you will enjoy time with your loved ones. Have open and honest discussions about your future and the future of your nation.

Never forget it is recognition of our past and past short comings that foster a healthy future. Remember who you are and from which you came this thanksgiving.

Do not be thankful for being alive. Do not be thankful for material gains. maybe we should start being thankful for what we have been given in the form of spirit. Being blessed to make changes that make us more God than beast.

The word belongs to those who seize it. If we continue to let the evils and immoral sieze it our world will look and feel different within the next few years. America and the world is at a crossroads which will define the nature of society and civilization for years to come.

Apparently only a few of us recognize this fact. However, over dinner tonight you can come to that same conclusion with your family. Goals and common causes should be the topic of tonights meal.

Have a blessed evening.

Sincerley editor and chief: Robert M Benson

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