The Ethnic Cleansing of Angels

By Robert M. Benson

I was going to rip into the democrats but I guess I will wait until next week. Dear democrats you are on notice but today I ran across this Sandra bland discovery that we all knew she was recording but to what extent we didn’t know.

There it is right before the black community lays the body of an unarmed black woman by the name of Sandra bland. Who was lynched in Waller county jail, in Hempstead TX. A prison run and owned by the city of Hempstead TX. run and operated under Texas state law. State law that is under United States federal jurisdiction, Jurisdiction that is under the universal declaration of human rights. Which is backed by the United Nations and the international criminal court. So someone explain to me why global world law doesn’t apply to descendants of slaves living in America. When the atrocities happened in Africa and Iraq dictators where held accountable. A world war was fought to stop in Germany the state sanctioned murder of Jews so why isn’t anything being said or done about the descendants of slaves in america..

The worst part of this is that there were grown people who saw this video and said and did nothing. Why would Bland a black activist kill herself? In 2016 the F.B.I made a report on white nationalist, kkk members and other fringe groups infiltrating the police. As we see with our own eyes the horrible racism attributed to law enforcement. Now we see the full nature of the beast, which is America!!! The death chambers of Nazi Germany are operating on American soil. So this must have been a Nazi scheme since the occupation began. The Jews of America. The truth of whom we are…

How is Sandra Bland’s death not a crime against humanity? How does America rectify the murders of Stephon Clark, Philando Castile, and Oscar Grant? all these new revelations that were old revelations they decided to put out now in hopes to stoke violence and or riots. You cannot use the law to murder someone especially because they are of an ethnic race and on top of that you ethnic cleansed a woman.

How could any self-respecting Jewish person dare speak of holocaust or Nazi Germany? This is the most horrible thing I could ever think of… that poor woman amidst a bunch of racist burning a cross and lynching her. But still no one listens as the Russians funded the rise of the Nazi’s in America through the NRA. Spreading the racist culture to gun toting police. Spreading those police and gun members around America in black and brown neighbor hoods like crack cocaine it the 1980s. Sound familiar, yes Oliver North the very guy that spread the pharmaceutical death through the neighborhoods in the 1980s has just stepped down last week as head of the NRA.

North has spread physical death in the black community in the form of racism and hate. Its pure white supremacy.I am at a loss for words that on earth such an injustice would occur. This is the end result of conservative communism (otherwise known as the reds). They waited until America was asleep and they socked us a good one. Now trump is burning down the halls of justice, dismantling national protections, rescinding civil rights and advocating violence. How much more do people need to see that if they let things like this stand the fear will set in and if it does petrified people make the worst soldiers.This has been a divide and destroy tactic used against so called Native Americans and now the mechanized fight between the south and the north looks set to begin. Confederates and federalist squeezing the life out of the idea of democracy. To rule in a Unitarian utopia made for only one man. The greatest of them all the GRAND DRAGON OF THE INVISIBLE ARMY aka the klu klux klan.

For fear of exposing there plan to the world they tried to kill off the freedom fighters in an attempt to stop the recording of their deeds. Distracting their minds as not to focus on the army coming in the back door. Wolves I tell you. There is none you can trust you can only trust your selves!! They are demon! they are all around! heaven is America and the gates have been breached war is inevitable fight for honor not slavery. If you lose fear your future.