The elephant in the room

by Robert M Benson

“the ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet recieved a kingdom but recieve power as kings one hour will with the beast”
rev 17:12

After the inauguration of Donald trump the United States saw a series of transportation disasters as the newly appointed secretary of transportation (Mitch McConnell’s wife) rushed to clean up the mess. The federal govt. under Donald trump issued federal emergency money to address the crumbling infrastructure. This was the last time we saw Mitch McConnell speak in praise of Donald trump. Since then there has been a resounding silence from the Republican Party, but why? Why have all the republicans gone missing in the face of this political turmoil?


It began with the tea party a young uprising of splinter groups who had nothing much in common but a lifestyle of exclusion, an ideology of separation and the color of their skin. As they pushed back against what they saw as governmental overreach and foreign influence.

Other extreme far right groups with different agenda’s latched on to the fiscal conservative movement bring an underlying racist ting to the tea party ultimately infecting the Republican Party with an underlying culture of racism. Which is why certain people are receptive to the dog whistles because they have been groomed to hear them. Like agent smith in the matrix the tea party turned the Republican Party into the new tea party.

The transformation wasn’t hard. Since the days of democratic republican George Wallace the republican message was always division. Totally against government. Against any idea of social programs to help those in poverty and totally against immigration. Which is why the republicans labeled Obama as a communist and a socialist. But the true reason they oppose Obama was he symbolized what they fought so hard to stop. The Republican Party is based on separatism so you can see why they have nothing to say these days, because they are right at home as long as America Is divided the goals of the Republican Party are being achieved. Obama was a symbol of progression inclusion. When he spoke to the Arab world the republicans saw it as foreign influence. Which is why the republicans allowed Netanyahu to come to congress it was in that moment republicans took the money. We must remember the underlying culture of separatism and racism within the party. The john McCain Sarah Palin ticket is a glaring example of polished republican politics vs. authentic so-called real world tea party politics. The youth of the tea party won out john Boehner lost to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell used Ryan as a tool until Ryan had to retire. Why? Where is Paul Ryan? Trump and Ryan didn’t see eye to eye but Ryan was the face of the future of the Republican Party. What happened was McConnell saw an opportunity to get America and he would use trump to do it. Immediately when trump won the nomination! Yes he won the nomination because the republican senate all agreed unanimously on the direction of the party. Testing their future strategy they put up awful candidates to soften the fact trump would be the face of the party, but they began winning.

Bannons picks for office were winning so much they took a leap of faith they put up an accused pedophile Roy Moore for office. Appealing to the fringe side of the tea party the racists who had more money than the middle class republicans. After the axe of Paul Ryan middle class conservatives had no guide. In comes bannon to mold and shape the message of the party to sway middle road republicans and solidify the union between the tea party confederates and the corporate white nationalist federation. After the election bannon was given the boot as trump disrespected the laid-back dress style of bannon and the confederates as bad dressers.

The clean-cut suit wearing or button down khaki federation needed to be separate from the rugged and rough tea party confederates, those who wear the hat. As the federation secures lucrative contracts for the confederate tea party keeping them employed with private contracts across the country

the federation would use its access to all things government to overturn Obama era environmental protections and bank regulations.
The federation keeps its base by rallies and financial contracts to loyalist communities, but the federation isn’t what it seems the federation is funded by Russia, Israel, Italy and a few other countries, but mainly Russia, Israel, and Italy because American power poses a threat to their agendas. The over all goal is to spin America into chaos in hopes to deploy united nations soldiers on American soil as Russia and china sit on the un security counsel as permanent members. With America in turmoil communist Russia and communist china will be the most powerful countries on the planet. Using everything democracy created to spread itself against itself. My conclusion is that America is not only under attack it has been sacked and not until the next election will America see the scope of the bloodless coup. The up coming elections are a farce trump has the country and on election day what everyone feared the most will be realized. Both elections were stolen. The first election was to steal American resources and position countries friendly to trump in powerful positions for after his presidency. The second election will be to cause genocide under the guise of civil war that will cover up the crimes and treasonous acts committed in the first four years. To me it seems to be a cliché to say resist, but it seems at this point it is a must. The silence of the Republican Party should strike fear in the hearts of all American citizens. Morality is the measuring sticks by which all civilizations are measured and the utter destruction of American values and morality is on full display in this Republican Party and Republican administration