Where did you learn to LOVE

By R.M.Benson

I’ve loved many women. When i did some dudes would play you and call you a sucker.. I didn’t care i just kept loving.. come to find out the very women i was loving let those same dudes in their ear and began looking at me like a sucker for loving them too. like wtf? how stupid and backwards is that? Then they push you to the side for the fraud nigga that clowned you for loving her. Then when he plays them they always tried to hit me back up. When i was younger i cared so i would fall back into it just to be hurt all over again, but im older now learned enough to not fall back in the dumb shit by immature people…

Jordan Peele was correct we are our own worst enemies. How could you turn on someone loyal to you for your enemy.. wtf these hoes are backwards.. in the 90’s if you got caught cheating you were stuck with the one you got caught with. ya’ll chicks ain’t special stay wit that dude… oh you can’t because he ain’t loyal except to himself. Everything happens for a reason, but this is what happens when your community revolves around sex and money you get no substance. You only get instant gratification and afterwards you end up back in that sunken place. Now everybody wanna be mad at you cause you ain’t feed into that dumbness… So be careful out here boys and girls its devils and demons everywhere willing and ready to trick you out of your love, trust, blessings and future…
Beware of negativity and learn to cultivate your perception because love is different for everyone.
stay blessed and if i can say anything its just live your life as if s never wsnted it at all. I’ve learned looking for it will get you into trouble…RS

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